Phoenix Rising

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What’s Happening In Store
We offer Tarot, Palm, Oracle, Past Life, Akashic Records and Aura Readings in our shoppe and healing centre.
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Our practitioners offer some amazing holistic services that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Click on the more button to be directed to all of our practitioners and services offered.
B.C.’s Premier Metaphysical Shoppe
Welcome to The Emporium!

A little community oriented shoppe that is bigger on the inside! Brimming with everything Occult, Curio, Meditative and Spiritual you could wish for!

From basic stones and ingredients to oddities and rare gems hiding in every nook and corner of the shoppe; the reason why this little shoppe is in fact an emporium.

  1. Jens
    I am on the crossroads holding a light for those in the dark. May everyone find their way.
  2. It is always the right time to do the right thing. ~ Martin Luther King
  3. Goldie
    I want to offer a spiritual sanctuary of knowledge, respect, trust and love for people from all walks of life.
Our mission is to bring like minded people together who are seeking a deeper spiritual learning and healing environment. By providing a sanctuary of knowledge and a hub of community connectedness we offer safe healing and learning spaces for our clients, friends, family and comunities.